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Hi, welcome to Netbuildr Africa I am Agent John, but my friends call me AJXpress. I am Netbuildr Africa AI (Artificial Intelligent) builder and virtual assistant. In other words, I do all the heavy task, I build your stunning website, answer your questions without stressing you out.

The website I create are categorized into 4 which are:


Individual/ Personal Website
This category houses the perfect template for bloggers, artisans, music, medical, and sports website.

You can have your personalized website where you can share your portfolio and have clients book for appointments on your site.

I help your brand stand out by providing everything needed to create a high-quality website that speaks for your brand.

We are into the business of helping your business grow. Netbuildr Africa has been tested and trusted by different businesses from power to schools to eCommerce (Start selling your products by setting up an online store with our all-in-one eCommerce site). Your business can never go wrong with Netbuildr Africa.

We have two plans dedicated to e-Government which are inventory management system and web portal. Through our centralized database, information management system and barcodes technology, our e-Governance system ensures transparency, verification, and authentication.

Why Choose Netbuildr
We are always available to help and support you via:
 Social media(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
Video tutorials
 Livechat with Agent John
Community forum
Fast – in less than 48 hours (guaranteed), your site goes live.
Affordable- low pricing plan.
Responsive Themes
Full Customization
3rd Party Support
Updates & Fixes
User Roles
Online Booking
Social Media Integration
Robust Documentation
SEO- people can find your brand on Google and other search engines
Built-in Analytics
World-Class Help & Support
How to get Started

1. Choose a package (Individual, Corporate, Business or Government).
2. Choose a template.
3. Answer a few questions (such as: do you have a logo?, your preferred domain extensions?, etc).
5. Make payment.
6. Upload your company profile, Logo and choose your preferred color.
6. Your website goes live in less than 48 hours; you can connect with your audience.

Share your website with friends / family and also on social media.


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