Keywords: 7 Platforms That Can Assist

Written by kingdavid

June 24, 2020

Keywords are the conductors and marketers of your website. Customers and clients won’t magically find you no matter how good you are, by using the right keywords, you will rank high in Google so when next people search for similar products and services you offer, they will quickly and easily find you.

Keywords are the fastest way to get noticed. It’s the loudest voice in the sea of competition trying to drown you, therefore the right keywords determine whether you will be watched on Instagram, YouTube, or read on Facebook and even if your website and blogs will be discovered by the eyes that seek.

Keywords matter in website building and content marketing because they catch the attention of search engine algorithms programmed to identify which pages to show to visitors via popular searches.

Without keywords, you are digitally invisible to the searching eyes.

People won’t find you no matter how much they search, so the goal is to write for people and not for Google, use phrases and words that people are prone to type when they need something.

If you can’t beat them, outrank them

How do you beat them without a punch? It’s simple, outrank them with the right keywords.

To utilize the right keywords for a strong content marketing, you need to use longer phrases like “Fastest way to generate traffic” instead of “traffic growth.” You will gain visibility more as people generally don’t optimize their sites for specific phrases therefore, using such long-tail keywords gives you a better chance to generate more traffic to your site.

How to Target Keywords in your Content

Brand and businesses have ineffective keyword tactics, majorly due to a slow response to Google algorithm changes, most of them have no clue regarding how visitors reach their landing pages.

Research and analyze the demographics of the visitors to your site, then come up with a list of possible words that you feel they would use to search for you is the sure way to remedy this challenge and rank as highly as you should be.

Keywords are vital to improving your brand visibility and rank, therefore brainstorming how to understand and use keywords is important if you want to be noticed and found.

The 7 Keyword Platforms that can help you with the Right Keywords that are Mostly Used.

You will discover very insightful and valuable keyword research shortcuts from these hacks to use in leveraging on effective keyword options.

1. Keyword In – Inarguably one of the simplest tools to use and get fast results especially for sites that are new and are trying to avoid complications. If you like combining your keywords the easy way then this tool is for you as it mashes your long tail (or seed) keyword or keywords together to provide you with a long list of potential keywords

2. Soovle – This free keyword research tool provides autocomplete suggestions from a variety of sources to help you boost your search volume. It’s not the most advanced search options but it works well. First things first, you choose your source, or if you like, maintain the default which is Google, and begin experimenting with a variety of keywords for the most effective results.

3. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner – This is every social media manager’s favorite tool. It’s easy to use especially when starting a new site and helps you pull information directly from Google when optimizing your site.

4. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator – This is every creative’s best friend as its easy to use functionality helps you to get creative in your search for keywords that support your site and drives traffic. You can enter a keyword in each of three boxes and the more you enter the more results you get. 

5. Google Correlate – Google is usually the numero uno when you want to search for answers, and it’s no different in searching for the right keyword to use. This platform gives you the ability to see which keywords get searched together; this helps you to grow your keyword list (especially longtails).

6. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator – This tool is designed specifically for a particular site type, it is best suited for local service companies, sites that are keen on finding local keywords.

7. Ubersuggest – This is one of the most detailed and organized search tools that break down results by the letter. It provides you with keywords that are not available through the Google Keyword Planner, giving you a better chance at reviewing every keyword, without missing one that could be the ace word for your site.

 Have you ever wondered why some big brands you are familiar with still pay for ads? All in a bid to get your attention, be on your mind, and finally get you to choose their products.

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