How Often Should I Post New Content On My Website?

Written by kingdavid

June 24, 2020

This is one of the easy ones to answer as there is no one acceptable manual to the frequency of how you should publish fresh, eye-catching, and attention-grabbing content on your website. It boils down to how well you have understood your audience and your capacity to produce quality content.

Although there is no laid down rule, there is however a general rule guiding how often you should post, the first is this, the bigger your site becomes, the louder you should talk.

As your audience increases, your content should also increase and please, improve too to satisfy the growing number and hunger for information regularly. Delay much and you just might lose them, bombard them with many contents at once, and they might feel overwhelmed and leave.

Plan. Schedule. Post. Observe  (PSPO)

Planning ahead of time makes work more easier than we can ever imagine. Most brands and organizations have an organized daily posting schedule that works for them and generates the right kind of traction required for them to stay relevant and ahead of their competition.

Let me show you an easy way to build and schedule a post.

Month: July 2020

Days of the Week  Time   Title of Content Tags  No of Images to upload
Monday 9: 00 am How Often Should I Post New Content On My Site?  #PSPO #ContentCalender, #Schedule, #Post, #Daily, #Weekly 2
Tuesday 12:00 pm 7 Keyword Platforms that can help you with the Right Keywords  #Keywords, #GoogleCorrelate 1
Wednesday 10:00 am  Call To Action (CTA): Converts Lead To Prospect   #CallToAction, #Lead, #Prospects 3
Thursday 1:00 pm  Why You Need a Website for Your Business  #Website, #Business, #Onlinepresence, #Sales 2

This will also be a guide on what/when to post and anyone can help out without being confused. And once the planning and scheduling are done, you sit back and make the post and one more important thing is to observe not just the engagement on your site but observe how you work, is the PSPO method easing your job if no change the method (but I’m certain you will love it).

N/B: Post can be scheduled either on a daily or weekly basis, hence your content schedule will change too.

Can I Post Daily or Weekly?

  1. Daily posts -This is unarguably one of the most common and effective styles for big brands and a large marketing workforce.

Another plus side for posting daily regular content is that it puts you in Google’s good book as Google is known to give extra importance to websites that update their data regularly.

  • Weekly and bi-weekly posts – It’s often enough to whet your visitor’s appetite without irritating them. They give you enough time to cool off and make more research. It’s often enough that your visitors probably won’t complain.

But, it boils down on demographic, to be on the safe side, publish new and winning contents at least twice a week. Small and growing blogs are the best to pull this strategy off.

Tell us your thoughts and experience as a content writer, let’s know which method worked for you in the past so others can learn.

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