Call To Action (CTA): Converts Lead To Prospect

Written by kingdavid

June 24, 2020

Call To Action (CTA) is the conversion engine of your business on the web.  It is a marketing reference with the intent of prompting users to perform a specific action.

They are the daily tasks and calendar that provides direction and purpose towards lead conversion for you and your network.

Most people make the mistake of paying so much attention to catchy punch-line, or a mind-blowing script and neglect the actual punch, a clear call to action, or CTA. When this happens, no matter how robust or solid your content is, without a CTA you can’t turn those prospects to clients.

Why You Need A Strong Call To Action

Just imagine a thickly built hulk of a man packing a baby size punch… Yep, that’s your content without a CTA.

When there is no CTA, your visitors/ customers get lost, when they get lost you lose them, when you lose them you lose sales and halt conversion or traction towards your goal.

Now, you’ve understood how important a CTA that works well is to your brand and business…Awesome but the journey is only just beginning. There is a science to it, and mastering this art will determine which version of your call-to-action is more effective.

Note: your CTA must be in a rounded rectangles with contrast colors. Like the one on JD Lab website.


Apply these in your content and experience exponential rise in your brands:

  1. Pack a Heavy Punch – Without a strong call to action, your visitors will overlook and probably not even notice it, leading to lower sales and lead generation for you.
  2. Keep it Short – The worst thing you can do is to have a CTA that reads like an essay…BORING! Keep it simple and concise.
  3. Stay in Front of Your Audience – If you are the type that loves long stories as your content, then ensure you have several CTAs so that visitors can see them at every stop sign and act on it while reading your content.
  4. Be Visible in Every Turn – Always put a clear call to action on every page. Don’t assume it’s too much, better too much than too less. Your CTA should be prominent on each page.
  5. Keep it Unique – Your CTAs should be easily identifiable and must stand out from other content in your web or design. Imagine a CTA being mistaken for just another read…A tragedy! You can use a different font for content or in the case of a design, a different color.

Some Common CTA’s Are;

  • Download Now
  • Upload Now
  • Register Now
  • Free Trial
  • Subscribe Now
  • Sign Up

So, in summary, less talk, more action and you are on your way to a whole new world of conversion!

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